Submit order to merchant
Method Post
Parameters UserID, Key, OrderInformation
Action URL Please provide Lelong the URL which Lelong should post the order information to. In the future, we will have a setup screen for these settings
Example OrderInformation
Fields explanation
instruction Free text remark or instruction entered by buyer. Length limit 200 characters.
Example result expected from merchant
Fields explanation
MerchantOrderID OrderID in merchant's system. This is the unique OrderID from merchant's side, generated from merchant's system. For cross-reference in future if needed
Possible status Success - Successfully updated
Failed - Failed to update
Duplicate - Same OrderID which has been previously submitted before
Nostock - Not enough stock for the order

Failed - Please specify error message in desc field. System will try to submit order again at a later time.
Duplicate - System has already submitted this OrderID before, and status was a Success.
Nostock - This order cannot be created and will be canceled. Payment should be refunded.